Crate (24” or 30")

Crate cover- Can be a throw or a blanket- We offer CUSTOM crate covers

Travel Tote- For car or airline travel (also incognito trips to the store with fido!)

Bedding- Old towels, tees for the first few weeks

Crate mat


Beds for lounging in around the house

Dog Car-Seat or Harness for in the vehicle


microchip & Revolution- from your local vet

ID TAG- because your neighbor needs to know where this dog belongs!

Slicker Brush, Comb

Puppy Shampoo/Puppy Conditioner/Spray Conditioner-Detangler

Bowl for water/food- stainless steel or ceramic

Travel Bowls

Drip bottle for travel and/or crate

Food- Natural Balance Ultra

Treats & Biscuits

Baby wet-wipes- for in between baths and quick freshness

Epi-Otic Ear Cleaner for after baths

         Nail trimmer- or have your groomer trim the nails

Accident clean up- we use just plain Clorox Clean up and wipes. Enzyme Cleaners made for carpet/furnishings.

Scooper/baggies for outside pickup of waste

TOYS! Fun squeakies, fluffy, rubber and bones

there’s no such thing as too many toys!

-clothing and accessories-

absolutely a must, decorate that dog!