Your Adorable Puppy

MEALS are 2-3 times per day. Please avoid abruptly changing puppy’s food. Fresh purified water should always be available. NATURAL BALANCE ULTRA--- Your puppy will arrive with a sample bag. Old Mother Hubbard Treats- Hard & crunchy best for keeping teeth clean and teething puppies.

Puppy arrives with a minimum of 4 rounds of deworming. We recommend a follow up fecal and deworming at your next scheduled vet visit. We use 3 different types of dewormer and follow our vet approved deworming schedule. Any dog that plays outside should be dewormed twice yearly for the lifetime of your pet.


Keep your puppy away from germs! Floors of public places harbor all kinds of nasty germs- CARRY YOUR BABY! Your puppy is NOT fully protected from Parvovirus or Distemper until AFTER all 3 rounds are complete for 2 weeks! Usually around rounds are complete by 15 weeks of age.

Avoid places where unvaccinated/ill animals may be- such as Petsmart, Petco, dog parks and anywhere dogs/other animals/wildlife are allowed to potty/poo. Sick/Ill people shouldn’t handle your baby, many germs can transferred to your puppy. Ask your veterinarian about REVOLUTION! Flea & Tick Control and Heart-worm preventative. We use Revolution! Your vet may prescribe something else in your climate/area. Just don’t let your fur baby go unprotected from those nasty pests. Rabies is due between 12-20 weeks of age. If your puppy is to arrive after 12 weeks a rabies vaccine may be required.

A properly trained puppy is a delight. Puppy Classes are a great way for humans to learn how to handle their new puppy. Personal dog trainers are also a great asset to a dog’s life, consider a visit from Karen Minson our recommended dog trainer. Starting off on the right paw is best! Contact Karen at

Karen is a therapy dog trainer and is a AKC handler. Her years of experience and natural talent are evident. Karen makes visits locally (San Antonio Metro and Hill Country areas) she’s available for phone consultations as well for our far away clients. The puppy kindergarten board and train service is an incredible option that is highly recommended for new puppy owners.

Keep your baby warm and cozy

Bathe your baby in a warm environment and gently blow dry fur

Keep fresh water readily available.

Your puppy will arrive knowing how to drink from a drip bottle as well as a bowl. Bathe your puppy about once every 3-4 weeks. Over bathing can dry out puppy’s skin and coat. Use baby wet-wipes for in between freshen ups.

Trim nails, paw fur and bottom fur often- Brush daily. Brushing is a great bonding experience.

A deposit signifies the intent on the part of the buyer to follow through with the purchase.

Do not submit deposit without approval of your questionnaire & small print.

Non-Refundable Puppy Deposit