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We love him! He's doing great…about 50% house trained….give or take. He is SOOO smart. We have a baby gate system in the breakfast room, and he's already figured out how to circumvent that to get out to the rest of the house. He is SO smart!

Total sweetheart…loves all the neighborhood kids and is a total hit of the neighborhood. The big dogs have grudgingly accepted him as part of our pack. They don't love him yet but they tolerate him. Sally (the one I was most worried about) seems to like him more than the other dog. We're so surprised by that. Sally has even initiated play time with him…it's really great! Sadie just wants to avoid him but she's pretty mellow with him.

We are so very happy to have him as part of our family. Kodi rocks!


Dear Michelle,

wishing you and your family a merry Christmas season!  Just wanted to add to your testimonials as well.  We are so happy with our little Lola and can't imagine life without her.  Thank you for being so responsive to all our many questions.  It has been so nice working with you and wish you and your family all the best.

We have sent many people your way and hope to see more Cavapoos in our neck of the woods soon:)

Vivian C. and Family


Hey Michelle,

I just wanted to update you on Bentley.  I know you saw his Facebook, but Bentley went from almost famous to star.  He really is a special puppy!  About a month ago, Bentley took the AKC Good Citizenship test and he passed with flying colors.  Then there was an audition for Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard and Bentley went.  The cast, including a 2-time Academy Award winner, were in resounding support of hiring Bentley.  He has his first rehearsal today and we are both excited for this opportunity.

Bentley is a joy and a pleasure to have in my life.  I couldn't ask for a different dog.  A sibling?!  Maybe one day!

Hope things are going well down south.  We are bracing for winter now.


john paul

new york

Bentley the


Teddy had his first grooming yesterday!  He looks adorable.  I thought I'd send along a picture for you.

He is the best dog!  We couldn't be happier.  He's playful, affectionate, sweet and so lovable!  Teddy is doing so well.  We took him with us on vacation last week and he was wonderful.  There were a lot of people and he loved it!  He's fully housebroken and doing really well with following commands like NO, sit, etc.  He still sleeps in his crate and goes in there when we go out, but we've pretty much given him full reign of the house when we're home.  Needless to say, he like to chew things so we keep a close eye on him. 

People comment all the time on how cute he is, how he looks just like a stuffed teddy bear, and on how beautiful his color is.  Thank you again for giving us such a great puppy!  We love him to death.

Lynne C.

Norton, Massachusetts

Dear Michelle,

A huge thank you to you and to Yung Hae for giving us Simba. He's a happy go lucky, easy-going and fun little pup!

Everywhere we go, people are constantly eyeing him and asking if they can hold him.  He's just so adorable and has brought a lot of love into the family.  He's well cared for and constantly pampered by everyone!

It's now been two weeks and though quite a change -- its been fun!

He's already gone to some puppy classes - only 2 - and now he already knows and keeps sitting at the class as he knows he will get treats :)

Having seen others who have gotten puppies -- I have the utmost praise for you as a breeder - Simba clearly came from a loving and caring home and we thank you for letting us come over to meet both him and you.  You have taken great care to raise them with love and we have told everyone about you.  Simba already sleeps from 11-6 - and has barely had an accident at home. You have continually been open to our million and more questions - including how do we take him to the bathroom as it was pouring the first day he came home!!!

You're a special one of a kind breeder --- and we would recommend you to anyone!

Thank you again for everything -- enjoy some photos - the first one is at the airport-- it took us a couple of weeks but wanted to send you some good ones,



The Mitals xoxo

Renu, Neeraj, Riya Nina and Nevin!


I just wanted to complement & thank you for the top quality puppies you are raising! I was incredibility impressed with the real home life style in which you are bringing your puppies into the world. Not only are the puppies raised from wonderful parents with great bloodlines they have wonderful involvement to be reared in.

Our mini Hudson pup whom we adore is so loving, cuddly & sweet. We couldn't be any happier with him. Priscilla our Pug & Camilla our English Bulldog took to him the second he arrived!

Everywhere we take him people fall in love with him!

Who couldn't ?

I will recommend you to all my friends & others who want wonderful puppies that will fill their lives with love <3

Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to out family!

God bless you & ALL your endeavors

I have attached some pictures of our Mini Hudson in our home Enjoy <3





I wanted to thank you and Crystal so much for Summer.  Since I was a little girl all I've wanted was a dog and a few years ago I decided that a Cavalier would be the perfect dog for me.  Earlier this year when I finally convinced my Dad to think about getting a dog, I immediately went online to search for the perfect breeder and within a few months I stumbled upon your website.  After reading your fan-mail and looking at all the information you had posted as well as the information about what my puppy would receive before I got her, I knew that you would be the perfect breeder.  Once I started to email you about Summer asking tons of questions, I became very confident that I was choosing the right breeder from your heartfelt, honest answers. 


Once I purchased Summer and the date was set for her flight, I counted down the days for her to come.  Thank you so much for answering my again endless questions about what to expect.  I was so comforted by this information because I knew flying her to New York was a lot for a puppy.  When the day finally came to get Summer from the airport, Crystal sent me a picture of the crate that Summer would be coming in and that truly set my nerves at ease.  The decorated kennel was so sweet and thoughtful. 


Now I've had Summer for just over two weeks and I have to say she is everything I imagined and more.  She is my little girl and I love her to pieces.  Summer is so perfect and I want to thank you and Crystal for this positive experience.  I really appreciate it. 


Thank you again


Caity B.

New York


I just wanted to brag on you a bit!  First of all, Olivia is not our first cavalier and I really fretted getting her in fear that I could not possibly love her the way we love our Georgia.  Well, I was wrong.  Just like with my human children my heart had an immense amount of love set aside for her that I had not even realized was even there.  I want to thank you so much for this precious, perfect new addition to our family.


For the bloggers out there that don’t know Michelle….


This is by far the world’s best breeder (according to me) that you could buy a cavalier from.  I live in Texas, purchased my first from a breeder in S. Dakota and while she is wonderful and perfect she was not as calm and domesticated as the puppy I got from Almost Famous Dog. 


I met Michelle while looking for our first cavalier.  Unfortunately she did not have any females available at the time and being a mother of all boys I was dead set on getting me a little girl.  Michelle and I quickly ‘connected’ and she unselfishly helped me find my Georgia.  Although she had nothing to gain by helping me,  she went above and beyond to help me find my baby girl, gave me advice and answered my every question along the way.  When we decided it was time to get our second I knew without a doubt it must be one of Michelle’s pups. 


Our new black and tan, Olivia (Remington and Camilla’s baby) has been the easiest puppy to raise.   Michelle obviously had her crate trained, she was loved and played with so she knew how to play with my kids, and she slept thru the night almost immediately.  I was very nervous about adding a puppy to our already busy lives (I have an 8 yr old, a 19 month old, a 1 year old Blenheim cav named Georgia, own my own business and work full time), but this new puppy has been really easy. 


Michelle, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so, well… WONDERFUL!   As soon as my husband agrees, we’ll be buying our 3rd cavalier from you!!!!!!


Lots of Love,


Carla Royder

Georgia and Olivia’s mama!

Great Breeder and Wonderful Experience

We were so excited to find Michelle and her Cavapoo puppies, we fell in love with them instantly. Michelle was a wealth of information on the benefits of mixing to two breeds of Cavalier King Charles spaniels and poodles. We got to meet the parents of our puppy, and Michelle's family. Our puppy was well cared for and well socialized . Michelle kept our puppy healthy and up to date on his immunizations until we got to bring him home. She also provided us a great little care package to get us started. We had a wonderful experience and are enjoying our loving, carefree Cavapoo puppy!

The Lewis Family

Just a quick update on Bucky Truman.  We call him both names quite a lot and he seems to be good with it.  It is a little Texan with some sophistication!


 He is doing well and had his 2nd round of shots.  He is adapting well to everything and growing a ton.  He weighs 8 lbs. now.  The only thing he suffers from is too much attention and over stimulation.  Our 12, 14 and 16 year old treat him like royalty.  They have gone back to school this week and they literally run from the car to inside to see who can hold him first!  They love him so much.


 Hope you are doing well and we thank you for giving us such a sweet dog!

The DeLong Family

      I wanted to let you know what a professionally delightful time we experienced while purchasing our precious Bentley from you. The information you provided via email and telephone was very considerate and helpful in making an "internet" purchase more comfortable and trustworthy. I am "old school" and had such a hesitancy about purchasing online. You eased all my anxiety completely.


     You made it so very convenient to our schedules to come and visit before we purchased and the payment terms were so uncomplicated. Then, when we arrived for our final pickup, you gave us more helpful tips and information to become educated puppy parents. The information folder and goodies were an added treat when bringing Bentley home.


     One other high point; buying the crate from you made such an easy transition for our crate training; especially since we were new pet owners to the crate mode of potty training. It has proven very successful for us and it is still an integral part of Bentley's day when he needs his afternoon nap or just get away time.


     Bentley is thriving and growing in our home. At his third puppy shot last week, he weighed 3.3 lbs and is happy and healthy. I will send you updated pictures very soon! For sure expect a Christmas card featuring our playful baby!


     Thanks for all you did to make our pet purchase such an awesome experience for our family! Professional people like yourself prove that internet shopping can be a pleasing, pleasurable experience that ends in a win-win situation!!


Blessings to you and your family,

Laura H

San Angelo, Texas

A week ago husband and I purchased our precious little guy Beaux. We are lucky enough to find Michelle's website at puppyfind.com. After a long search we saw the picture of Beaux, and from that moment on we know we had found THE ONE. Beaux is very well socialized and we had no problem of introducing him to our 3 year old girl Shih Tzu. He has all the necessary shots for his age and he came with a papers from the vet stating so. And after a few days since we got Beaux, we received a package from Michelle full of toys and goodies. Beaux has been a dream come true and I have a wonderful breeder who is willing to take the time to prepare you for your new bundle it even more special! Thank you so much Michelle!

I will make sure to keep you updated with our progress.

Rommel and Toni G

Vallejo, California

We would ABSOLUTELY recommend for you!!  We love Lexi's temperament so much, we'd get another puppy from you right now if it was in the budget.  She is VERY sweet, cute, lovable, and SMART.  Harold's experience with you (when he picked her up) was enjoyable as well.  He felt very well equipped when he left your place with our puppy.  The bag of goodies you sent home for Lexi were top notch as well.  My husband also complimented your place and the environment of the puppies, saying how much he approved. I love the fact that you still make yourself available to me if I need anything even though Lexi has been out of your care for a long while now.

And just as you suspected, Lexi outgrew the carsickness.  She loves it now! 

When we took Lexi to the vet for her first check up, he checked her out top to bottom and said,  "Looks like you got yourself a really excellent puppy there.  You are really lucky!"

Everyone in the vet's office wanted to know what kind of puppy she was because they thought she was SO adorable!  She is afraid of no one and she gives puppy kisses to anyone who will let her.  She can play wild when you want to play wild with her (she can run like the wind by the way) and she can lay in your lap for hours if you want to do that as well.

The Green Family

Missouri City, Texas

I got my little cavapoo dear from Michelle. I was able to see where the puppies were raised and could tell that there was a lot of love being put into them. In fact, all of her dogs seemed well taken care of and happy. Michelle was great about providing with me as much information as I needed and patient with all my questions. As far as my little guy goes, he's smart, sweet, and healthy. He made it through the first night with minimal fuss and goes potty outside without an accident. Awesome puppy and awesome breeder :)


Woodway, Texas

I purchased a sweet Cavatzu female from Michelle about a month ago. Berkley was my first dog so I was a little nervous about purchasing, not to mention on the internet. Michelle was completely reasurring, answered every (annoying) question I threw at her and then some, and welcomed me into her home to see first hand that I had nothing to be worried about. Berkley is so well behaved and such a blessing. Michelle cares for each and every puppy like they are her own. I would recommend purchasing a sweet puppy from this seller, you won't be disappointed.

Ashley A.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Animal Hospital of Smithson Valley


Dr. Roy T. Madigan

Dr. Whitney Zamarripa


Spring Branch, Texas

We got our Cavapoo puppy about a year ago. One of the main reasons I wanted her was because I am allergic to pretty much every dog unless it has poodle in it. We already had two dogs that were older and it wasn’t an easy decision to take on a third, especially a puppy! It was the right decision for our family for sure! Our little Charlie fits right in with the pack, she is super smart and has been a fabulous companion for me especially. I work from home and it can get lonely not being around people the entire day, but Charlie has won my heart, cheered my spirits on those long work days and brought some energy back into the house. If you are ever having 2nd thoughts about getting a Cavapoo, don’t. Almost Famous Dog made this process so easy. They have a “Nanny” system which allows you to be anywhere in the continental U.S. and they will personally fly the puppy in and deliver it to you. I have done a lot of research over the years regarding pet adoptions, because the last thing I would want is to support a puppy mill. Almost Famous Dog is certainly one of the best breeders I have seen. I know most people would write a review closer to the adoption date, but I however have a tendency to wait. Reason being, if I have questions after I get the dog.  I want a breeder that would be willing to answer basic questions if they arise versus some that once they sell you their puppy they feel no obligation to their customer. That was not the case with Almost Famous Dog. I only had a few questions after getting Charlie but it was nice when I would get a prompt reply, backing up the quality of this breeder and dedication to providing families with what they need for their pets. Thank you Michelle for what you do, you are appreciated.

Cari O.